Graphene Based Radiation Protection

NuPromethean Technologies

Enabling space exploration through cutting edge nanotechnology 

2019 NASA iTECH Team

What we do

With NPT, radiation is no longer a limiting factor

Step #1

Radiation Shielding

NPT is preparing to launch its first product this year. This product is designed to protect astronauts and electronics from the harmful effects of Alpha, Beta and Gamma radiation. The impact to humans, and electronics, from radiation is substantial. Humans are left with lifelong side effects and electronics irreversibly damaged.

Step #2

Energy production

In space, the further you travel away from the sun the number of solar rays available to convert into electricity diminishes. That is why, by 2022, NPT plans to deliver technology that can convert radiation found in space into electricity, supporting deep space exploration.  

Step #3

Earth Based Energy Solution

By 2025 we plan to provide Earth-based power solutions for both consumers and industrial applications. NPT can offer clean, non-intermittent, near-limitless, decentralized energy solutions. 

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